TRAPP - Terrorism Recognition, Awareness & Prevention

Hal Kempf

  • Aug 09

    Wednesday, August 09 2017 8:00am

    Texas Biomedical Research Institute

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    TRAPP is designed to familiarize students regarding terrorism-related indicators, and how to effectively report this information.

    TRAPP is a powerful four hour or half day training event that puts the power of knowledge and understanding behind the “see something, say something campaign.” Whether as a stand-alone terrorism prevention and outreach training event to either public or private sector students, or as a key component of a fusion center’s FLO, TLO or ILO certification program, TRAPP is the most cost effective way to develop that collaborative effort and information sharing environment. Terrorist attacks are horrible, but too many times we discover they were also preventable. Suspicious Activity wasn’t recognized, and how too securely report it wasn’t understood, and pre-incident indicators were simply missed.

    About 75% of TRAPP is aimed at understanding terrorism, especially the pre-incident indicators of terrorist actions, and 25% understanding the system in place for reporting, both the fusion centers and FBI. It’s building an appreciation of the threat, and how to leverage the system in place to stop it. It’s about stopping the next San Bernardino, Colorado Springs, Chattanooga, Charleston or Boston Marathon attack. Aimed at audiences from 50-500

    • To educate students in recognizing indicators of terrorism
    • To identify domestic and international terrorist groups, ideologies, and methods of executing terrorist acts
    • How to report suspicious activity

    Starts at 8am

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    Event details:
    Date: Wednesday, August 09 2017
    Time: 8:00am-12:00pm
    Place: Texas Biomedical Research Institute, 7620 NW Loop 410, San Antonio, Texas

    Guest Speaker:
    Hal Kempf, CEO of KIPP

    Speaker bio:
    Hal Kempfer is the CEO and Founder of KIPP, Knowledge and Intelligence Program Professionals Inc. in Long Beach, California. Hal is a senior instructor and course developer for the Terrorism Liaison Officer courses, Infrastructure Liaison Officer (InfraGard) course, Al Qaeda Doctrine (AQD) seminar, Human Skills workshop, Pre-Incident Indicator workshop, and a variety of other courses, workshops, seminars and Homeland Security exercises.

    A military veteran of Operation’s Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom, Cuba-Haiti Crisis of ’94, Desert Shield/Storm, the Cold War and the “War on Drugs,” he is a retired Marine Reserve Lt Colonel with multiple tours involving multi-jurisdictional and interagency intelligence operations and support, particularly tied to threats posed by transnational networked organizations like modern terrorists.

    A former Director of Intelligence (G/J-2) for the 1st Marine Expeditionary Brigade and CENTCOM’s Combined/Joint Task Force Consequence Management, he was also a former Director of a joint/interagency fusion center (the JRIC) at Camp Pendleton, California, and former senior analyst, regional coordinator/executive officer for military intelligence support to the Los Angeles High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA).

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