Insider Threat Intelligence: Overview of Nation State-Sponsored Talent Recruitment Platforms

Former CIA Operations Officer Allen L. Phelps

  • Mar 13

    Tuesday, March 13 2018 7:30am

    Valero Energy Corporation

    Briefing Abstract

    Title: Insider Threat Intelligence: Overview of Nation State-Sponsored Talent Recruitment Platforms

    Intellectual Property, Trade Secrets, Proprietary Information, and Restricted Information such as PII, PHI and PCI have become valuable information assets managed by organizations across government and industry sectors. Information is the driving force of innovation and invention in the United States and is critical to an organization’s successful execution of its strategic plans and product development efforts. The value of information assets and its internal know-how is estimated to represent over 80% of an organization’s value proposition. As a result, information has become a prime target for loss, theft and misappropriation. The biggest threat to information assets is the Nation State threat --- which is the government intelligence, security and research institutions focused on the collection of know-how from victim organizations for the benefit of the sponsoring Nation. The emergence of the Nation State-sponsored Talent Recruitment Platform has prompted an increase in the threat profile for organizations across all industry sectors. This briefing will discuss the emergence of the Nation State-Sponsored Talent Recruitment Platform and the threat that such information collection efforts represent to the public and private organizations in the United States.

    Event details:
    Date: Tuesday, March 13 2018
    Time: 7:30am- 8:45am
    Place: Valero Energy Corporation, One Valero Way, San Antonio, Texas

    Guest Speaker:
    Former CIA Operations Officer Allen L. Phelps, Trust Farm CEO

    Speaker bio:
    Allen Phelps is an ASIS Board-certified corporate security professional that has focused his career on establishing Insider Threat Management Programs and Trade Secret Protection Programs. Allen is the Vice President, Insider Threat Management Practice for Pamir and the CEO of Trust Farm; both companies are based in Vienna, Virginia and assist clients across industry sectors to safeguard their trade secrets and other proprietary information. Allen offers an innovative Insider Threat Management-as-a-Service (ITMaaS) to efficiently manage risks to information assets. He most recently established the Insider Threat Management Program/Trade Secret Protection Program at Merck & Co., a large innovative research-based pharmaceutical company, which has been cited as the best-in-class security program focused on the safeguarding of pharmaceutical trade secrets (chemical and biological).

    Prior to starting his corporate security career, Allen served almost two decades with Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in various roles, including as an Operations Officer focused on the recruitment of scientific and research targets worldwide. He focused on counterintelligence, counterterrorism and counterproliferation issues during his CIA tenure.

    Allen holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from University of Wisconsin at Platteville. He also earned a Master’s degree in Security and Safety Leadership with a Strategic Cyber Security Enforcement concentration from The George Washington University. Allen is Board Certified in Security Management and attained the Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and Professional Certified Investigator (PCI) designations as awarded by ASIS International. He also attained the Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) designation as awarded by the ACFE, as well as the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) designation as awarded by ISACA.

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